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At the "peak" of the production of the opal mining industry during the 1980-s and 1990-s we became involved  with miners that have found one of the most favoured and sought after gem quality "red on black" opals in "Mintabie"  that have superseded even some of the best gem quality black opals from Lightning Ridge. Some years after this "Opal Field"; has been closed to mining by the Australian Government  declearing the area as an Aboriginal Reserve. Our involment in the production and processing of the stones of those earlier years have resulted in finding  their permanent "homes" in the collections of "royalties", high flying business executives, collectors and  the House of the "Emperors" of Japan. Some of the miners of those times have stored their unprocessed rough opal  finds in Bank Vaults, that has not surfaced for more than 25 years. Caused by the pressures of the current world wide Recession some of these hidden rough stocks became available  and we have proudly acquired a substantially large quantity of the still existing rough material, that we are now  cutting and processing. In conclusion our business is continuous with the availability of high quality stocks from "Mintabie",  "Lightning Ridge", "Queensland Boulder Opal" and all other opal fields of Australia, for presentation in the 21st Century.

Pereghy Opal Prices and Sales Policy. Owing to the confusing and many priced presentations of images of quality opals, on numerous websites, Pereghy Opals refrains from such advertising.

Our opals are categorized:
Commercial opals from € 30 per stone to € 300 per stone
Medium quality opals from € 300 to € 1.000 per stone
High quality opals from € 1.000 to € 5.000 per stone
Gem quality opals from € 5.000 to € 10.000 per stone
Super Gem quality (collectors grade) from €10.000 to € 100.000 per stone

Sales by “credit” are not accepted. All purchases must be paid for at the time of inspection or collection. Groups of stones of various grades maybe photographed and forwarded by email to clients with established credentials. Prices of stones are quoted at the current fair value established by our valuers. Personal contact and “direct” selling is preferred. (Concessions to overseas clients and visitors do apply). Overseas clients and visitors spending € 6.000 or over, on individual stones or groups of stones purchased from Pereghy are entitled to receive an € 1.000 concession for the supplementation of their “air fare” for one person.

Opal Styles and Cutting.
During my 30 years of experience in the opal cutting and marketing business internationally, I have discovered that the style of opals cut for the use of the majority of consumers, has changed and the old style of calibrated cheap white opals, doublets and triplets have progressively gone out of fashion.

Over the years newly discovered boulder opal fields have produced some beautiful boulder opals that was welcome to the market and was readily accepted. However these old mines are now slowly running dry and only producing 3-rd grades of opals and mainly only ironstone with specs of color, mass cut and produced by some "cheap labor cost" overseas cutters. These stones are today flooding the market and are only of minimal value suitable only as "specimens", sold by "fleamarket" jewelers.

Attila Pereghy prouds itself for having diversified form the old trends and now only produces "quality" opals for the ever changing market trends. Our stocks include many medium to gem quality "free-shape" opals cut to the fancy of today's youthful jewellery designers, specially in the larger and more individual class of stones. No two stones are the same (other than earrings) and the wearer will not meet her friend walking down the street or going to a function, having the same type of stone hanging off her neck.

The reader of this section is sincerely requested to view the styles and qualities of opals displayed on other sections of this "website" for satisfactory evaluation.

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