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Crossing Africa with the 4x4 MAN

Trans Africa - Attila Pereghy plans for Africa crossing.

Africa - the second largest continent on earth as the setting for one of the greatest adventure of all time.
Extreme tour across Africa. Special Truck go on a long journey.

The truck Safety Car - motorhome for millionaires.

As sunar the start of the tour comes as more the casing about the crossing. After 30 months of intensive planning, Attila Pereghy give the start date of the crossing to October 2010th

20,800 kilometers of adventure and luxury in 107 days

South Africa - Follow your instincts. Cape Town - style and charm in the heart of South Africa.

One of the fascinations of South Africa is its diverse capital. Wildlife fans, dream beach-seekers, culinary explorers a nd adventurers gather together here. Attila Pereghy starts his Trans-Africa Tour deliberately with a highlight: Cape Town.

Namibia - big wide area - the oldest desert in the world.

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, leaving nothing to be desired.

Zambia - surrounded by powerful neighbors. Many different cultures mix.

Zambia, Lusaka. In Zambia, more than 70 languages are spoken. Its hospitable people, and the wild plants of its national parks and landscapes, are unique. Zambia is not considered one of the great African destinations, which is precisely why Attila Pereghy chose it for his Trans-Africa route.


True Africa, complete with the Kilimanjaro, Africa's largest summit. Tanzania also hosts the Serengeti, the largest game reserve in Africa, and the Ngorogoro crater, with amazing volcanic rock.


The land of wide savannas. Kenya is also host to the second-highest mountain in all Africa, Mount Kenya. You will be greeted kindly from all sides: "Jambo!" Kenya is famous for its hospitality!


Adventure, mysticism and the enigmatic unknown. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Attila Pereghy has chosen a route, marked by a very varied landscape, a majestic old culture, and a lot of hospitality.


The country with the largest amount of livestock. The Red Sea coastline extends over more than 700 km and is free from pollution. Moreover, the history of culture and antiquities in Sudan is epic, and long.

Egypt - the cradle of culture

The oldest travel destination on earth, Egypt is also host to one of the most powerful currents on Earth, the Nile, as well as the ancient majestic pyramids, from the dawn of civilization, 5,000 years ago.

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