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Honeymoon - Travel Namibia - 15 days. Experience a land that will change your life!

Day 01
LTU - Your vacation begins
Scheduled flight from Frankfurt / Germany

Day 02
Transfer to Windhoek.
Sightseeing of Windhoek. The charm of the city is a mixture of old and new. Various museums tell the story of the diverse peoples of this unique country.

Aloegrove Safari Lodge.
Located in a private park. Every moment of the day offers something new: a spectacular sunrise or sunset, observing the feeding of wild animals or just relaxing at the edge of the pool.

Aloegrove Safari Lodge

Day 03
Breakfast on the Aloegrove Safari Lodge.
At Waterberg we drive to Tsumeb to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund. In the area of Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb ores and minerals are still found and disassembled. Visit the Museum of Tsumeb, where the beginnings of mining have been documented, along with an impressive exhibition of minerals.

The Khorab-room houses, a collection of German weapons from the First World War, was sunk in the Otjikotosee 1915 and later salvaged. In the direction of Etosha, we arrive at the Otjikotosee. The small but deep Otjikotosee is one of only two natural lakes in Namibia, and 329 km from Onguma / Etosha.

Onguma tree-top-camp.

Day 04
Etosha National Park. Full day game drives.
We pass about 150 km through the world-famous Etosha National Park in our car, with full game drives and game viewing. The Etosha, with 22,912 square kilometers, in the north of Namibia is among the most beautiful nature reserves in Africa.


Naua Naua Lodge.
Pure luxury in the African bush. The reed-covered Lodge was the reet covered Lodge was completed in 1999 and is situated in the midst of unspoiled nature in the northern part of Namibia, near the Etosha National Park. Due to the hillside location offers a spectacular view over the African bush and our numerous game.


Day 05
Sightseeing flight with Kimberley the bush pilot from Zanzibar.
Flight with bush pilot Kimberley from Zanzibar. Animal migration and monitoring at the 15,000 acre farm. At 4pm we can see freely running cheetah, and catch the full feeding experience.


Day 06
View -Tent- One of the most beautiful lodges in Namibia. A stop at the petrified Forest. Breakfast at the Lodge. After a stop at the petrified Forest, we come to one of the most beautiful lodges in Namibia, Mowani Lodge. 285 km.

Mowani View Tent

Day 07
Burnt Mountain.
Breakfast on the Mowani Tent View - one of the most beautiful lodges in Namibia. After a tour of the organ pipes, a series of Dolor columns, and the Burnt Mountain, two geological features which are not to be missed, we drive to Uis. 190km

The White Lady Restaurant & Guesthouse – authentic Namibian hospitality.
Between Omaruru to the East and Henties Bay to the west, lies the small town of UIS, which is known for the mines, the precious stones and fire mountain with its famous Bushman drawings. This paradise on Uniab Rivier in northwestern Namibia offers very different vacation times. The wildly rich, breathtaking surroundings of the 40-bed lodge offer grass roof cottages, luxury tents, and a restaurant with good food and a well-stocked bar.

Day 08
Traditional songs and minerals.
Breakfast at the Lodge. Trip to Spitzkoppe 130 km. We will be greeted with traditional songs. Minerals from the miners are encouraged. Climbing to the Spitzkoppe. A paradise for photographers, with unique motifs, awaits. Overnight at the Resort.

Day 09
Trip to Swakpmund.
Breakfast at the Spitzkoppe. Swakpmund is a 240km ride. We go to Hentiebaai, the summer residence of the Namibian. Visit the museums.

Day 10
Swakopmund - Recreation and shopping Swakopmund - Recreation and shopping
This day is used for recreation. Shopping... quad biking in the sand dunes, sightseeing, aquarium, mineral museums in Swakopmund.

The Grapevine -

Day 11
Namib Naukluft Park.
Learn about life in the desert. We pass Walvis Bay, heading to the Namib Naukluft Park Solitaire and the Namib Naukluft Lodge. 334km.

Namib Naukluft Lodge

Day 12
Hiking on the dunes.
We walk on the dunes of Sossus Vlej. Optional single balloon ride with clips haring.

Namib Naukluft Lodge

Day 13
Drive over Rehoboth.
Buffet breakfast at the Lodge. Drive over Rehoboth. Visit the Market and Wildlife Reserve.

Day 14
Buffet breakfast at Kuzikus game drive and Wilderness Course.

Day 15
Game Drive and hike.

Buffet breakfast at the Lodge. Ondekaremba trip to base camp. 156km Game Drive and hike on marked trails (between 4km and 20km)..

Day 16

LTU - Your vacation is coming to an end.

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