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Travel Minerals. Traveling to Namibia with Attila Pereghy

Day 01
LTU - Your vacation begins
Scheduled flight from Frankfurt / Germany

Day 02
Transfer to Windhoek.
Sightseeing of Windhoek. The charm of the city is a mixture of old and new. Various museums tell the story of the diverse peoples of this unique country.

Day 03
Namib Naukluft Park Sesriem Canyon.

Trip through the Namib Naukluft Park to Sesriem. Visit the particularly impressive Sesriem Canyon. Here, the Tsauchabriver had dug an up to 30m deep bed through rubble layers.

Day 04
Sossusvlei 300-meter high sand dunes.
Early morning departure to Sossusvlei. is a large, clay subsidence without outflow, which includes sand dunes which are over 300 meters high.
There is the chance to participate in a balloon ride at sunrise, over the dunes. From the hilltops of the dunes, we have an almost unreal beautiful view over the sand dunes of the Namib Desert.

Day 05
Namib Naukluft Park
Trip through the Namib Naukluft Park to Gamsberg. Here we look for minerals in the Farm area.

Day 06
Karibib the home of white marble.
Trip to Karibib, the home of white marble. In the surrounding area are large deposits of amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine and quartz. In the Main Street of Karibib, we find more than 1000 m² of the largest selection of jewelry, minerals, gems and craft items in Namibia.

Day 07
Visit a Turmalinmine in Usakos.

Visiting granite formations in the area. Visit a Turmalinmine in Usakos. In Tubusis, we can acquire schorl.

Day 08
Spitzkoppe to the local Damara and Herero.
Continue to Spitzkoppe. Spend the afternoon at the resident Damara and Herero. From the gemstone collectors on site, we can acquire beautiful pieces. It is possible to take a hike and see local rock paintings.

Day 09
Spitzkoppe the Matterhorn of Namibia.
Continue to a small Spitzkoppe. Here we spend the day with local miners.

Day 10
To Rössingberg Search for Boltwodit.
Ride along the Welwitschia Panorama Road east of Swakopmund to a lunar landscape and the famous 2000-year-old plants: Welwitschia mirabilis.

Day 11
Sightseeing. An idyllic location on the sea.
This small former port city, with its lighthouse and buildings from the colonial era is an idyllic location at sea, which invites a relaxing stroll along the palm trees and flower-covered promenade.

Day 12
Fishvillag Henties Bay.
The journey goes along the coast 72 miles through the idyllic Hentiesbay. Here the desert landscape is very impressive. Jeremejewit tour of the mine. Here you can find Feldspat, Schörl and Muskovit. Continue on to Cape Cross, where you can see a huge colony of seals – the only one of its kind.

Day 13
Fire mountain the highest mountain in Namibia.
The Fire mountain is the highest elevation of the country, the Königstein is 2,573 meters high. The “fire” part of the name comes from the glowing firelike hue the mountain takes on, when the sun is to the west. The Herero call the Brandenberg also Omukuruwaro (Mountain of the Gods).

Day 14
Uis - Continue to Khorixas
Drive to Uis. Here, we stop to meet the gemstone collectors. From here we can buy crystals and minerals from the miners who live there.
Continue to Khorixas. Visit to the "open-air gallery" Twyfel-Fontein, one of the largest collections of petroglyphs and engraved rock in Africa. A short hike brings us to these 2000 year old drawings, from the Bushmen.

Day 15
Hoanib River - Experience a unique part of nature.
Damaraland desert elephants and black rhinos live in the area around the River Hoanib. With a little of luck, we can see some of them live. Drive to Omaue. Here we can collect chrysocolla, Plancheit in quartz and microscopic mounts of Dioptas and Chalcocit.

Day 16
Off the tourist route, to Opuwo.
The Himbas live in Kaokoland, in their traditional ancient lifestyle. This is around Opuwo, almost untouched by civilization. We can search around Groot mountain, after Stilbit and Heulandit.

Day 17
Etosha National Park the fourth largest reserve in the world.
Through the western part of the Etosha National Park, we drive toward Okaukuejo. To the camps. There we can rest at the water bodies created for the evening watching the animals.

Day 18
The most beautiful nature reserve Africa.
We pass through the world-famous Etosha National Park with a full day of game drives and game viewing. The Etosha, with 22,912 kilometers in the north of Namibia, is among the most beautiful nature reserves in Africa. In the park live about 114 species of mammals, including zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetahs, antelopes and many more.

Day 19
From Etosha National Park - On Otjikotosee over.
From Etosha National Park, we pass Otjikotosee Tsumeb. Ores and minerals are still found and dismantled (I don’t think this is the word you’re looking for. What’s the word in German?) in the areas of Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb. Visit the Museum of Tsumeb, which documents the beginnings of mining, and also hosts an impressive exhibition of minerals.

Day 20
Okorusu at Otjiwarongo.
Continue to Okorusu at Otjiwarongo. Here you can find Fluorite.

Day 21
Woodcarvings marketOkahandja.
The Woodcarvings market in Okahandja is an experience. The indigenous settlers like to haggle with each visitor.

Day 22
Attractions in the center. Namibia's capital.
This day in Windhoek at your leisure. Windhoek (Windhoek), with its approximately 250,000 inhabitants is the largest city in Namibia and also the capital of the country.

Day 23

An unforgettable journey is coming to an end.

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