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Traveling with Attila Pereghy to Australia.
Experience the red continent with Attila Pereghy. The Australian Expedition.
Here we present the Minerals Australia tour

Day 01
QANTAS - your vacation begins
Scheduled flight from Frankfurt / Germany

Day 02
Arriving in Sydney.
Meeting at the airport and settling in at the hotel in the center of Sydney.

Day 03
Buffet breakfast in the hotel.

Ride on the monorail through the city center, to the Chinese market, Darling Harbor, Opera House, Harbor Bridge and Sydney Tower. For an extra charge, take a guided tour across the steel structure of the Harbor Bridge, or enjoy a harbor tour with fascinating views of the skyline, the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the picturesque bay.

Day 04
Blue Mountains
National Park. Over the Great Western Highway, we drive into the Blue Mountains. This 240,000-acre national park is known for its bizarre rock formations.

Day 05
A day with Ernst Holland.
This day is spent with Ernst Holland, the chairman of the Bathurst Club on minerals exploration in the area. Visit the Mineral Museum.

Day 06
We visit Ophir,
the oldest gold field in New South Wales, under the guidance of Noel Rawlinson, a gold miner, whose life is dedicated to this activity. Visit old excavation shafts and attempt to find gold yourselves.

Day 07
Boyd Schyveschuurder
shows us how a boomerang is made and tells us about the wildlife in the area.

Day 08
Visit and tour of the opal mines.
Here is the home of the precious Black opal, king of the Opals. We learn the hard life of the adventurous Opal miner. Anyone can try to find one of the most beautiful Opals you can acquire.

Day 09
We are driving to the sunshine state Queensland,
Cunnamulla and Eulo after Yowah, home of the just-mentioned Yowah Nut- Opale.

Day 10
We will spend the day under the guidance of an Opal miner, searching extensively for the Opals of Yowah.

Day 11
From Yowah we are passing Quilpie heading to Charleville, located in the Cattle Country, (also called "Channel Country"), between the rivers Georgina and Thompson, is Diamantine. This is some of the best cattle grazing land in Australia with a flight from Charleville. Cloncurry started the Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service, shortly before Quantas started its airmail service and passenger service on the 22nd of November 1922.

Day 12
Drive through the Carnarvon Range Mountains National Park.
The Carnarvon Canyon is a winding 32 km canyon, with white sandstone cliffs, a towering 220m between crystal clear streams. The canyons in the national park are known for their diversity.

Day 13
In the morning
we go on a search for Labrodite in the area of Springsure. We spend the afternoon on a farm. Here, we are looking for opalisit wood.

Day 14
Thru Mountainrange Great Dividing Range we drive to Emerald.
This day we dedicate the sapphires

Day 15
In the morning drive to the Blackdown Tableland,
and the "Expedition Range" mountains to Rockhampton. This city is known as Australia's beef capital.

Day 16
In the area of Rockhampton,
we look for the famous "Thundereggs". The coast of Rockhampton offers coral reefs, islands, and an insight into the great wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 17
Bundaberg District.
Open-air museum. The Bundaberg district is one of the few in the world where sugar is processed throughout - from the growing, milling, refining and distillation of the famous Bundaberg Rum.

Day 18
The Sunshine Coast:
over 108 km of Golden beaches and a remarkable group of 11 volcanic Spitzbergen are characteristics of this rapidly growing region. Crossing by ferry to Fraser Island. The World Heritage-counting Fraser Island - 120 km long and 10 km wide - is the largest sand island in the world and includes vast beaches, beautiful headlands and rainforests, which are easy on the sandy soil to grow.

Day 19
Trip to Brisbane.
Brissie as the locals affectionately call her, is situated in southern Queensland on the east coast. Captain James Cook landed on 17 May 1770 in Moreton Bay before the Brisbane today.

Day 20
Visit the petting zoo.
Or a final shopping tour. Leisurely morning offers the opportunity for a visit to the zoo or a final shopping trip. In addition, we have our pieces to pack. Afternoon journey to the airport. Returning.

Day 21
Safe return home. Holiday over. Welcome aboard.

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